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(This is an edited version of an article written by Gordon Milne which appeared in the October, 2000 edition of the GBCC Chronicle.

It was a drive of 842 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio to Providence, Rhode Island – sadly most of it in rain — for the “M & M” duo of Mayfield and Milne, but our visit to and attendance at the APS 4-day Summer Stampshow was judged by both fittingly as a sweet trip!

Charlie Mayfield and Ted Wiseman at the GBCC table

Charlie “Senior Minion” Mayfield (above, left) mans the GBCC table
with the support of the club’s auction manager, Ted Wiseman.


I was personally surprised and not a little disappointed to note that Editor Bill Welch had no write-up of the show or its activities in the most recent edition of The American Philatelist … surprised because the show had big pluses, like Ken Martin’s typically efficient organization, and disappointed because I felt that the local Rhode Island Clubs deserved acclaim for the strong support they gave the show and the friendly welcome they accorded attendees.

The GBCC table’s good location just inside the main entrance attracted a lot of traffic, resulting in at least four new members joining the family — Roger Marconi, Steve Zirinsky, Parker Bailey Jr. and Cdr. Barbara E. Miller, USN (Ret.). I also have high expectations of more to follow.

John Carlson of JET Stamps and Harris Weingart

Harris Weingart (above, right) checks out the stock of
the stock of GB dealer, JET Stamps, with its owner (and GBCC member)
John Carlson. JET stamps had, not surprisingly, steady business at the show as
John and his wife, Tina, seemed to have on hand most everything that
even the maddest of the many Machin Maniacs needed.


It was also most encouraging to have members stop by to say “Hello” and comment that they had made the trip — often of considerable distances — especially to meet the GBCC hierarchy.

In this regard, it is often dangerous and difficult to try to mention by name all who did so, because a name left out can cause unintentional offense. But I’d especially like to record delightful first-time meetings with Auction Manager Ted Wiseman (who did yeoman service at the table while Charlie and I were helping out with the APS’ adult program for beginners, Stamp Saturday); Arthur Kreisberg — all the way from Brooklyn, New York; and the charmingly affable and particularly generous Harris Weingart from Randolph, Massachusetts.

Michael Raguin and GBCC Pres Gordon Milne

Michael Raguin (left), Brunswick Stars expert, hangs out
at the club table with current GBCC President, Gordon Milne.


Also making an appearance on the Saturday was Michael Raguin, about whose whereabouts and activities Vivien Sussex had searched for an answer in the July Chronicle. For those, other than Vivien, interested in what Michael’s been up to, the answer is little on the writing front but a lot in his continually-expanding collection of the Edinburgh Brunswick Stars. He also told us that he’d been across to London for “the big show” in May and, like most others attending that event, had enjoyed it immensely.

Michael, you’ll recall, was the Club’s guest speaker at our Second National Convention in Boxborough, MA in 1998. Seeing him again after what seemed like a long two years made it such a wonderfully happy reunion for Charlie and myself since Michael exudes such an inimitably bubbly personality and wonderfully infectious enthusiasm for the hobby.

All in all, the Providence trip was most enjoyable, in no small way capped by our being able to take in, on our return, visits to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, the APS’ current headquarters in State College and its potential future one at the Match Factory in nearby Bellefonte.

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