Skyline of Columbus, Ohio

GBCC booth

The GBCC 2003 Annual Meeting was held at the APS Stampshow in Columbus, Ohio. President Gordon Milne reported that the show “had vibrancy, energy, and a hall-wide enthusiasm that was almost infectious.”

The club’s booth (above) was quite busy. Vice President Charlie Mayfield and Secretary/Treasurer Parker Bailey, Jr. did most of the work staffing the table, but even superheroes like them need a break once in a while. Above, Parker’s wife Hilda and grandson Erik are filling in.

GBCC booth

After Erik was struck with wanderlust, Anne Hughes filled in for him.

Charlie Mayfield and Don Hines

Charlie’s back (center), with Director and award-winner Don Hines (left), talking to a prospective member.

Charlie Mayfield and Janet Klug

Did you know that being an officer of the GBCC can pave the way for bigger and better things? Here’s Charlie with former GBCC president Janet Klug. Stepping up just a bit, Janet is now president of the American Philatelic Society.

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