Submission of Articles for The Chronicle,
the journal of the Great Britain Collectors Club

If you have some British material you have collected, the members of the GBCC would like to know about it. It doesn’t have to be esoteric or unusual. Maybe you’ve put together a collection of some items that interest you and done a little research on them. Or maybe you’ve studied some stamps and put together a specialized collection. We’d like you to share your knowledge with us.

It doesn’t have to be an advanced or specialized topic. We have many members that are new to this collecting area, and they have a broad interest in GB philately.

You don’t have to be an experienced writer. Our editor, Jeff Modesitt, will gladly work with you to put your article in a good format. Gather up the basic information and write a draft. Jeff will work with you from there.

And now that you have no excuses left, get out your pen or your keyboard and get busy!

Here are guidelines for submission:

Camera-ready copy can be submitted, but I prefer to have the material sent in electronically if it is over a page in length. This gives me editorial flexibility without having to retype everything. You can send a diskette, attach the file to email or simply make the article a part of an email. The entire contribution can be sent on a CD. If you prefer not to use or don’t have use of a computer for the article, then just send it in anyway; just make sure I can read it. Heavy use is made of a scanner these days, so a typed document without any formatting is fine. In fact, as little formatting as necessary is preferred, as sometimes your formatting will take over the whole issue and make life very difficult. Please note that for articles over a page long, a short synopsis should be included immediately after the author’s name.

Scans of illustrations are also preferred as long as they have been made at a respectable resolution. If only hard illustrations are sent, they should be color or heavy black and white photocopies.

Copy can be sent at any time, but I prefer to receive it at least four weeks before the issue is due. In other words, the deadlines for submission of articles and advertisements are March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1.

Send articles to Jeff Modesitt
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