The GBCC held its 2007 Annual Meeting at the Omaha Stamp Show on September 7-9. As usual, there were many GB exhibits, a presentation, and social events.

GBCC Director and Editor Tom MyersTom Myers, a GBCC Director and editor of The GBCC Chronicle is shown here standing by his exhibit.

GBCC Director Tom Slemons gave a presentation on Mulready lettersheets and envelopes, including a discussion of the many advertisements that were printed on the inside of the lettersheets. Tom supplied two exhibits as well.

GBCC Director Tom SlemonsTom Slemons is on the left, shown here being recognized for his exhibits.

The table below lists the Great Britain exhibits at the show and the awards for each.

Exhibitor Exhibit Title Award
Ann Triggle Experimental London Fancy Geometrics Vermeil
Don Hines King George V Photogravure Issue 1934-1936 Gold and Reserve Grand
Jerry Kasper Illustrated World War II British Military Airletters Gold
Jim Kotanchik Official Seals of Great Britain Gold and GBCC Founders Award
Tom Myers British Airmail Letter Rates
to Asia and Africa, 1931 to 1952
Tom Slemons Penny Blacks in Suffolk Gold
Tom Slemons Mulreadys in Suffolk Gold
Tim Burgess The Perforated Stars of Great Britain 1848-1880 Court of Honor

GBCC Vice-President Andrew Reid selected the Tom Current Founders Award for this year. Tom Current established the GBCC in 1979, and this award is presented annually in his honor. The award is always Jasper Wedgwood and this year is a clock. It was presented to Jim Kotanchik for his exhibit, “Official Seals of Great Britain.”

GBCC Founder's AwardAfter the show, everyone needs some peace and quiet. Tom Slemons is relaxing here at Omaha’s Union Station. I hope he didn’t have to wait as long for a train as his neighbor apparently has.

GBCC Director Tom Slemons