Pacific 97

Gordon Milne, President
Our illustrious president, Gordon Milne, enjoying the proceedings.
Tom Current, esteemed founder
Tom Current receiving the Founder’s Award because, well, he founded the GBCC in 1979 and remains its guiding spirit.
John Rundo
John Rundo shows some coil leaders from the Four Kings era.
John Blakemore
John Blakemore explaining the Bishop mark (early postmark) on the cover.
David Leivers
David Leivers listens to a question during his talk on the repaired versions of engraved stamps issued during Queen Victoria’s reign.


Machin seminar
Like all good professors, David and Larry started out their Machin workshop by giving everyone a quiz. Those who failed were sent back to the show.
Pac 97 activity sign
Part of the Pacific 97 activity sign near the entrance, listing the GBCC meeting.

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