GBCC at Philatelic Show ’98

Michael Dixon Wins Tom Current Award at Boxborough

Second National GBCC Convention Another Success

This is an edited version of an article written by Gordon Milne which appeared in the July, 1998 edition of the GBCC Chronicle.

The memory of the GBCC’s Second National Convention at Boxborough, MA on May 1-3, 1998 is still a warm one!

The idea of the New England location was Ann Triggle’s, and an excellent recommendation it turned out to be.

The Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs, who put together Philatelic Show ’98 were friendly and welcoming hosts.  A constant stream of visitors was attracted by the GBCC table display and came by to chat and find out about the club.  In the photo below, President Gordon Milne is seen begging former GBCC member Ed Thomas to rejoin the club. (Gordon is not always begging, it just seems that way because of his height. -Ed)

Gordon Milne begging

Happily, GB dealer-members John and Tina Carlson stopped by the GBCC business meeting on Saturday.  Truly a super couple.

The Prez’s “50 Years of Collecting GB” presentation on Friday afternoon was amazingly well attended — prompting the question “Is there still some life in this dog and pony show?”

There was certainly a lot of life in the evening’s entertainment when the GBCC was extended a most cordial welcome to join the British Caribbean Society’s sumptuous dinner in the hotel and thereafter in their hospitality suite. Our most appreciative thanks are extended to President Rob Wynstra and his effervescent group for a truly superb evening.

Saturday, the middle day of the show, saw the double event of the business meeting and the keynote presentation by Mike Raguin. Both were immensely successful. The gathered crowd is shown below.

GBCC meeting at Philatelic Show 98

Ann Triggle did her usual outstanding job in hustling people to attend the business meeting, aided in no small way by the enticement that British beers and food were to be available at meeting’s end.

Sadly, too few stayed to listen to Mike Raguin’s simply outstanding and enthralling presentation of how research can be done on GB Postal History from both sides of the Atlantic.

Happily, since no one needed the meeting room immediately after the planned one hour presentation, Mike willingly extended his talk and had those attending in the palm of his hand, marveling at the material he had kindly brought along to share.

It will be difficult in years ahead at future GBCC conventions to get a presentation as good as this one.  Great job, Mike!

Saturday evening found me at the Awards Banquet, presenting the beautiful and coveted Wedgwood Grecian Clock in Pale Blue Jasper – this year’s Tom Current GBCC Founderís Award – to an exhibitor in the nom de l’exposition of Ann G. Lowfyl. His/her exhibit, “Great Britain: Development of Air Mail Letters to 1953” just nudged out the only other qualifying entry, “Great Britain: The Two Penny Blue” by J. Wellington Smythe.

So who was this mysterious Ann G. Lowfyl?

I contacted him/her and got permission to reveal his/her true identity as Dr. Michael D. Dixon of Potomac, MD. Michael, thanks for participating.  Truly, a worthy winner, but next year, fellow members, let’s have keener and more active competition…PLEASE! (You are begging again, Gordon. -Ed)

Sadly, there were no junior exhibits submitted for the GBCC’s Princess Diana Youth Award.

The weekend’s activities closed with a Marmalades meeting, chaired by founding mother Ann Triggle, on Sunday. Members and others were arm-twisted by Ann into participating in a Show ’N Tell.

I suppose the true test of any visit to a new location is: “Would you go back?” Categorically, my answer would be yes. Philatelic Show ’98 was a most pleasing experience, but the memory I left with most indelibly was of having met some wonderful new people.  My most appreciative thanks to all the Boxborough organizing committee for having made me and my fellow GBCC’ers so much at home.

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