Despite the fact it was nearly in the shadow [A loooong shadow from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco — Larry] of the international Washington 2006 show, both WESTPEX 2006 and our GBCC guest society event were a great success. I would like to share a few comments with readers about the show. More details about the WESTPEX 2006 GBCC meeting are presented in Larry Rosenblum’s comments.

GBCC Mascot - The Machin Duck
The GBCC Mascot

The GBCC Mascot

First, an exciting revelation: the GBCC has an official mascot! Our mascot, affectionately known as Arnold, sat diligently at our society table throughout the entire show without taking a single break! That’s what I call devotion. I am speaking of the GBCC “Machin Duck.” This is a wonderfully colorful Machin-covered decoy which was proudly displayed by member Jerry Rodgers. Our mascot was a convenient partner to have at the society table. When I could not answer a tough question or someone tried to take my photograph I simply “ducked.”

The WESTPEX 2006 CCSF Dinner

The Collectors Club of San Francisco has its April dinner at the WESTPEX Show each year. Previous guest speakers have included James Grimwood-Taylor, the current President of the Great Britain Philatelic Society and Francis Kiddle, Past President of the Royal Philatelic Society. This year we received an excellent presentation from Wilson Hulme, curator of the Smithsonian Institution National Postal Museum. Hulme gave a brilliant presentation on the origin and development of perforation in the USA and the influence Great Britain had on their choice of machinery. This talk had Ray Simpson and Peter Sargent, who would later give a similar talk at WESTPEX, on the edge of their chairs!

Attendees at CCSF dinner
From left to right (seated): Peter Sargent, Wilson Hulme, Ray Simpson, and GBCC’er Tony Walker. From Left to right (standing): GBCC’ers Tim Burgess, Larry Rosenblum, and David Alderfer.

GBCC Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers are absolutely critical to the success of our meetings. This year we had a phenomenal group! Ray Simpson and Peter Sargent brought us a fascinating presentation about the invention and development of perforation during the Somerset House period, 1848-1880. Just before coming to WESTPEX, they were enjoying a tidal wave of popularity in GB from their previous articles in Gibbons Stamp Monthly and the London Philatelist and their talk before the Royal Philatelic Society. They also won Royal Mail’s prestigious Rowland Hill Award.  I must add that it was also a pleasure to meet Ray’s wife, Margaret.

Simpson and Sarget receive Rowland Hill Award
Ray Simpson and Peter Sargent are presented with the Rowland Hill Award by Julietta Edgar of Royal Mail.

Tony Walker provided us not only with a world class Machin exhibit but a presentation which included some revealing observations about the Stamp Advisory Committee, which proved both fascinating and entertaining. [The Stamp Advisory Committee advises Royal Mail on the designs of all new stamps. — Larry] His wonderful daughter Kim enjoyed an expedition to the city of San Francisco during their stay. We sincerely hope that Tony will join us at future GBCC guest society meetings!

Prof. David Rockoff’s presentation about the Maltese Cross cancel that was used in the 1840s was very popular, and an interested crowd followed him into the corridor for more after his talk was concluded. His presentation was very detailed and very well organized — but after all, he is a professor!

Larry Rosenblum’s presentation on Machins and David Alderfer’s Machin Workshop were well attended. Although I am a collector of Queen Victoria issues of GB, especially the one penny and twopence issues, and I do not collect modern GB, I found their presentations to be quite clever and attractive! I cannot thank Larry enough for the many, many things he did to help me organize this event. [You are quite welcome, Tim. It was my pleasure. — Larry]

The GBCC Friday Night Dinner at Kincaid’s Restaurant

The traditional Friday night dinner was held at nearby Kincaid’s Restaurant, overlooking beautiful San Francisco Bay. The food and service were as excellent as the view. I had a pork chop I will never forget! We had a large turnout — 29 members and guests! Members from Canada, Australia, the UK, and around the USA went about getting to know each other and their collecting interests! Here are photos of just a few of the many GBCC diners.

Attendees at GBCC dinner
Left, clockwise: GBCC’er Howard Hughes and wife, Bill Barrel (UK), Ian Wright and wife Bernie (Canada). Right: GBCC’ers Doug McGill (Scotland) and Prof. David Rockoff (USA) [obviously enjoying dinner].


Attendees at GBCC dinner
Front: Ray Simpson and his wife Margaret (UK). Back, left to right: GBCC’er Scott Treacey (Australia), Garvin Lohman (USA), Founder Tom Current (USA), GBCC’er David Alderfer (USA).

GBCC Exhibitors

Our exhibitors are just as important as the guest speakers. Another critical part of having exhibits at our meetings is the extraordinary material available for member viewing. Hopefully the exhibits also fulfill a dual task of luring new members to the GBCC! A complete listing of the exhibitors and their awards will be found in the article by Larry. I deeply value the efforts of all of the exhibitors but will limit myself to congratulating Jerry Miller for receiving the WESTPEX 2006 Grand Award! Just some weeks before the show Jerry had teased me with the comment that he was thinking about bringing one of his German exhibits instead of his GB Machine Cancel exhibit! I think he is glad I would not let him change his plans. Besides we really did not want the Grand to fall into the hands of the other guest society featured at WESTPEX 2006!

Jerry Miller accepting award
Jerry Miller accepting the Grand Award from APS President (and former GBCC President) Janet Klug.

Some of the exhibitors belong to both the GBCC and the Great Britain Philatelic Society and will have pages from their exhibit featured in the 300th edition of the GBPS Newsletter. The exhibit title page from GBCC/GBPS member Don Hines’ exhibit, “The King George V Photogravure Issues of 1934-36,” is shown on the next page.

The WESTPEX 2006 GBCC Guest Society Souvenir Sheet and Cachet

To celebrate of the GBCC meeting I created the cachet shown below featuring an illustration of Henry Archer’s perforation machine and a souvenir sheet featuring Henry Archer’s Prince Consort Essay. The Archer theme ties in with the presentations provided by Wilson Hulme, Ray Simpson and Peter Sargent. I had the souvenir sheets printed and perforated in Germany by who I think did a wonderful job at a relatively small cost, which I covered myself. These were presented to the exhibitors and guest speakers and were produced in a very small quantity.

Special WESTPEX cover
The special souvenir sheet and cachet prepared by Tim Burgess to celebrate WESTPEX 2006.

Our Honorable Founder

Last But Not Least: I must give special thanks to our founder, Tom Current, who kindly came down from Portland, Oregon to support my efforts at WESTPEX. He was kind enough to provide us with his wonderful Bath exhibit and also patiently presented the GBCC Founder’s Award to GBCC’er Tony Walker. Tom has made an enormous contribution to the philatelic community and has my deepest respect. [Mine, too. — Larry]

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